Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome to Nerdsville

Today I was out at the museum store for mount assessment. It was pretty damned cool to finally see the objects I've been working on and writing about for the past year. But some of the loan objects haven't arrived yet - the stuff we're borrowing from large and medium sized museums won't arrive until closer to opening.

In a break between mount assessments, I was talking to the conservator dude and the girl from the mount building company about some of the objects that haven't arrived yet. One of these is the life mask of Hobart's first rector. Conservation dude said something about how death/life masks are creepy, and used Ned Kelly's death mask as an example, which is a cast of Kelly's entire head.

At around this point, I entered Nerdsville by uttering the following sentence: "Nah, this one's not like Ned Kelly's. It's more like Han Solo trapped in carbonite..."

It's not often that my inner nerd shows itself in public, but when it does, it doesn't do things by halves... Course, in this case, it worked out for the best - they told me about this. It's pretty much the most nerdtastic thing I've ever seen...

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to investigate their collection of Firefly and Monty Python t-shirts. And possibly spend my entire pay cheque................................

K xx

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