Monday, August 9, 2010


Dear Cyclist who tried to kill me crossing Northbourne Ave this morning,
We drive on the LEFT in Australia. And cyclists have to obey the road rules, even when using a pedestrian crossing. Hurtling towards pedestrians at great speed on the wrong side of the crossing is rude. And doing a jump out of the median strip is completely uncalled for. You suck. I hope you get a flat tyre.
Love, K.

Dear Hairy Step Instructor,
Setting up the tracks so that there's an overlap and you can't stop in between tracks is mean. Do you hear me? MEAN!!!!!! Sure, YOU can do a Step class for an hour without stopping. You teach Step a million times a week. But the rest of us don't. And the rest of us need oxygen and water occasionally. So looking at people in a disapproving fashion when they stop for a second is not appreciated. 'Kay?
Love, K.


  1. I HATE CYCLISTS!!! THEY SUCK!!! Actually, not ALL of them suck. Mainly just the lycra-clad-hardcore-6am-on-a-Saturday-followed-by-leaving-their-bikes-lying-in-everyone's-way-and-their... BITS...-displayed-prominently-through-their-lycra-shorts-as-they-sit,-legs-splayed,-enjoying-a-coffee-at-a-cafe-on-the-footpath-cyclists, not the I-ride-my-bike-everywhere-cos-it's-cheap-and-healthy-and-good-for-the-environment-cyclists.

    I had one try to kill me at a pedestrian crossing. They came hurtling down a hill towards a red light, and luckily I had the smarts to look to my right before stepping out onto the road, even though the pedestrian light was green. They were polite enough to give me the wave as I stared certain death in the face, and their audacity made me want to poke a stick through their front spokes and watch them go flying.

    ~* Ness (at work, can't sign into Google account)

  2. Hahahaha Ness did you have a cup of angry before you wrote that? I mean, some cyclists are annoying, but wow... :-)


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