Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting out of Canberra

Yes, that's right kiddies - I'm outta here!! Okay, it's just to Melbourne for a long weekend, but at this point of winter, ANY time away from Canberra is a good thing!!

I love flying Qantas - the flights are on time with far more frequency than the other alternative, especially at this time of day. And this trip is costing me a grand total of $26.01, courtesy of frequent flyer points and an airline credit. Bargain!!

I can't wait until the upgrade of Canberra Airport is finished - it really is like flying out of some little podunk town. There's a grand total of one shop, and your food options are pretty much a muffin or a bag of crisps, which is why I'm having Starburst Party Mix as some kind of dinner substitute. (I wouldn't bother, just FYI)

In typical fashion, I also spent far too much money buying a book and a trashy magazine. I did resist buying a copy of "Henry VIII, Wolf Man" to go with my copies of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" and "Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter". So, you know, that's some kind of progress at least!!

Anywho, I'm pretty psyched about this weekend. Not only is it my first trip home in a good long while, but I get to go to the footy and see my beloved Catters playing (and hopefully winning...); I get to catch up with some friends from the Peru trip a couple of years ago; I get to pretend that my vote is actually going to make a difference in the electorate I live in (it won't - it's been a safe seat since Bob Menzies was friends with Moses); and I get to go to Mum's 60th birthday party on election night and make sneaky political comments in the hopes that my parents won't notice that I'm shit stirring!!!!

Rock on... ;)

K xx

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