Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Earlier today, I was looking through the archives of my incredibly illustrious blog for something that I promptly forgot about. But in looking through said archives, I came to a realisation - I used to write about a LOT (not 'alot', which is completely different - see here if you don't believe me!) more than just baking and cooking. And - in my opinion at least - my blog was better for it.

So here we have a little promise - *places hand on heart* I pledge to blog about things that don't involve chocolate and butter and the use of knives and baking trays. And to rely less heavily on photos.

Because frankly, the past few months worth of posts (with the exception of my completely horrifying and embarrassing bridesmaid's dress related post) have been a bit of a snorefest.

I promise to do better in the future. Well, I'll at least *try*!!

K xx

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