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It was Queen's Birthday long weekend a couple of weeks ago. Sara and I decided that spending a long weekend in Canberra was too depressing for words, so jumped on a bus and headed up the road to Sydney. In addition to seeing Wicked on the Friday night, we went on a harbour cruise, went to the Aquarium, the museum, the Opera House, the botanic gardens, and Bondi. Let's start the scenic tour with the harbour cruise. Here's the harbour bridge.


And then Opera House.

Here's the city from the harbour:

Here's the Opera House, complete with scenic ferry!

Aaaaand from the front:

From a little further away, you get the city, the Opera House AND the bridge.
Here's the bridge with Admirality House in the centre and Kiribilli House on the far right:

Look! Teeny tiny people climbing the bridge!

The bridge looks different from every angle:

Ooooh, the Maritime Museum - complete with tall ships! Tall ships make me happy. Sadly, we ran out of time and didn't get to go. Next time...

Then it was a stop off for some afternoon cocktails. Mmmmm, daiquiri...

Then it was on to the aquarium, where Sara posed for many slightly ridiculous photos, such as this:

I've developed an unfortunate habit of finding text panels that I wish I'd gotten to write and taking photos of them. This is one of them. Mostly because it amused me...

And this is another - this time because of the image. Who wouldn't love to be in charge of morphing a crocodile's head onto a chicken's body????

Then it was onto the undersea beasties. Seahorses:

And dugongs:

And leafy sea dragons - oh my! Okay, not quite the same as the Wizard of Oz, but hey. I saw Wicked. What did you expect??

This is a stonefish. He'll kill you in a second due to horrible spiny things on his back. He's also possibly the fugliest beastie I've ever seen............

Here's a bunch of cuttlefish. They were so cute!!

Then it was on to the shark tank. Which also contained the BIGGEST ray I've ever seen. I can remember what species it was, but I do remember that they can grow up to 4 metres across...

He was absolutely massive................

There were a couple of green sea turtles in the shark tank too. Apparently they like to wedge themselves into corners - weird little beasties!

This is the Great Barrier Reef tank. It was pretty impressive!

It had sharks in it too!

The next day, it was off to see the Opera House up close!

You get nice views of the bridge from there too:

Then it was into the botanic gardens. They encourage you to hug the trees - Sara was most impressed!

Here's the bridge and the Opera House from the botanic gardens. Sick of it yet?? ;)

Here's some nice fungus.

And the fernery:

It contained some funky looking flowers from Brazil:

The succulent garden was pretty cool - here's some nice agave plants...

These were kind of fun:

And this is a custard apple. I think... Some kind of a cactus-y thing involving the word 'apple' anyway...

Then it was on to the museum. On the way there, we passed the cathedral, which was quite impressive. I'm a bit sad I didn't get a photo of the statue of John Paul II - he looked like he was flying. He he he.

The museum was filled with fun things. Including more signage I wish I'd written:

Delightful velociraptor models. I often wonder if palaeontologists have done any work on velociraptors since Jurassic Park came out. Or if they just make the models based on people's expectations...:

Hello, Mr Stegosaur! You're cool...

Aaaaaaaand here's a nice tyrannosaurus rex.

This beastie was freaking bizarre. It was like a cross between something from Jurassic Park, Dr. Seuss, and Labyrinth...

And then a T-Rex ate Sara's head...

Then it was onto the skeleton room, which featured fun stuff like this guy:
And his friend, who even had pets:
Finally, it was on to Bondi Beach. It was a wee bit chilly by the time we got there... And it was mildly subarctic once the sun went down!
Sara decided she needed to brave the Pacific Ocean:

Aaaaand then she got mildly drenched...

Some mental people were surfing:

The sunset was quite purdy...

And finally, here's the lifeguard tower where all the Bondi Rescue action takes place:

And from there, it was back to the 'berra. Which featured three hours on a bus with a puking woman and a 10 degree drop in temperature - lovely, no??????? ;)

K :) xx

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