Tuesday, May 4, 2010


As you may have noticed, I've switched things up a little. Six months into this blogging experiment, I was sick of the white, minimalist thing. So I've changed it for something a bit more interesting. I'm not sure about some of the colours - it's still a work in progress...

Secondly, I was contemplating doing another post a la The Trouble with Blogging post I did back in January. But then I worked out I could put a handy-dandy box in the sidebar that would show them all for me. So watch that space for periodic updates to what I'm reading and sniggering about!!

Any thoughts on the new format??

K xx :)

I've FINALLY worked out how to use the template designer, meaning the layout is now far more exciting. Or nauseating, depending on how you feel about the design... Let me know what you think about this new, improved, less grey version!


  1. I like it. The green's nice and fresh. Lots of grey though... reminds me of an Auckland winter!

  2. Better, Kat?? I've been trying to work out how to work the template designer for weeks!! Not sure about the blog title though... I want the old font back :(


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