Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday weekend!

It was my birthday last weekend. And here's what I did with it:
  • I drove 1,300 kilometres from Canberra to Melbourne and back. Well, okay. I didn't *actually* do any driving. But I performed essential candy distribution and iPod playing/fast forwarding functions!
  • I ate way too much. Including this:
It's upside down apple tart with butterscotch sauce and cream. And it was sooooooooooooooooo good. I swear, if I thought I had half a chance of replicating it, I'd be baking apple tarts every weekend. But there was something about the pastry that I could never recreate. It was like a cross between choux pastry and mille feuille pastry. And it was delicious.
  • I got presented with this. It had far too many candles on it for my liking... And I forgot to bring a slab of it back to Canberra with me. Tear...

  • I cleaned out my closets, now that I'm switching bedrooms with my brother in Melbourne. God, was that a horrifying experience... Bags and bags and BAGS of junk. My entire collection of Dan Brown books has gone on the scrap heap, as have five years worth of dancing costumes. Why I thought I'd ever need a gold spandex leotard with sequins that I wore for a tap routine of 'New York, New York' again, I have absolutely no idea. And yet, I kept it for ten years...
  • I got attacked by a giant moth in Glenrowan. The whole town was FILLED with giant creepy moths. I've been told that they might have been these. Whatever they were, they were terrifying as hell.
  • I made macaroni and cheese for a certain four year old who's been telling her mother for weeks that HER macaroni and cheese isn't up to scratch compared to mine. It probably has something to do with her mother regulating the amounts of cheese she uses...
  • I got crowned the 'Birthday Macaroni and Cheese Hero' by the same four year old, and got to wear the pink plastic princess tiara all night. Shame it's designed for a small child with a tiny head and gave me a killer headache...
  • I took my usual photos of dead trees out the window of the car. Don't worry - I won't subject you to them!!
  • I got some seriously awesome measuring cups, which will feature in my baking for my Canberra birthday celebrations this weekend. Watch this space to see the awesomeness!!
  • I got to watch my poor (mostly blind) puppy walk into furniture, courtesy of the house being painted and furniture being stacked in completely bizarre places
  • I realised that I completely suck at navigating from the Hume to my parents' house in Melbourne in the dark and the rain without a street directory. Not really surprising, considering I've only really done that trip once before when I had to pay attention to where we were going!
So all in all, it was a good weekend. Although the paint smell and the dust from cleaning out the closets played havoc with the dregs of my lovely cold, which was less than fun. Oh, and I got to plan out aaaaaaaaaall the things I'm going to bake this weekend. So you can expect far more exciting posts shortly!!
K :) xx

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  1. I would totally make those dance costumes *work* as an outfit. Provided they fit, of course.

    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend though!


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