Monday, March 15, 2010

Photoshop is evil...

Okay, so I'm sure Photoshop is a wonderful program that allows you to make your good photos great. But having spent the entire day searching Flickr and the internet in general for sample photos of Melbourne, Hobart, and Portland to be used in a multimedia display in the entry area of the gallery, I've reached the conclusion that Photoshop is evil.

Or maybe it's just the Photoshop USERS that are evil... I'm sure the original images were wonderful. But I came across SO many images that had been forced through post-processing to within an inch of their sad little lives. Since this morning, I've seen photos that have been comprised of three shots overlapped to form one horrible mutant shot. I've seen photos where the sky appears to have featured one solitary cloud and the photographer has somehow copied and pasted that one cloud all the way across the sky. And then decided to make the sky a hideous shade of unnatural turquoise.

And I've seen photos where the sky has been badly Photoshopped in from another photo, and it's REALLY obvious around the edges. Especially if it features street lights... Some of them were so bad that they made me feel seasick.

So, to anyone out there using Photoshop - or any other photo editing program for that matter - remember this one simple rule: less is more. Less. Is. More... Please? I don't think my eyes can take it any more... *sigh*

K :) xx

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