Monday, March 29, 2010

Adventures with an SLR

So as you may remember, in early January I finally caved after a year of contemplating it and invested in a digital SLR. And while I now have to carry a gazillion cubic metres of camera bag with me, it was worth every penny. I'm even contemplating using forthcoming birthday money on a new lens! So anyway, in honour of my trusty Nikon, I now present some of the adventures my camera and I have had over the past couple of months.

Let's start with this guy:
You have nooooo idea how many photos of Domi I've accumulated over the past thirteen and a bit years. But I like this one. He may be mostly deaf and blind in one eye, but he's still happy to see me, even if I stick a camera in his face.

Next up, we have tree frogs at the Melbourne Zoo. They're so cute and squishy and in a row:

Here's a green basilisk, also at the Melbourne Zoo. I like taking photos in the reptile house. Things stay still in there!!

A koala. It was actually awake and moving and stuff. Go to enough zoos and you start to get a sense of just how uncommon this is!!

This is a bongo. It was staring at me through the hedge and the fence. It may be through a fence, but I really like this photo.

Aaaaaand here's the baby elephant again. This day, I was really glad I had the SLR, because it meant I could make use of continuous shutter mode!

I like giraffes. They're kinda funny looking, and they have purple tongues, which is just bizarre. But they're cool. And they're fun to take photos of cos they move in a slow, dopey kind of way.

*sigh* My favourite building... I saw a job advertised here today that I could totally do if I had a couple more years of experience. Alas................ *sighs again*
Cascade in Hobart. I like this one cos you can see that the right-hand window on the second top floor doesn't actually have any building behind it.

Here's a fern frond in the Cascade gardens. What can I say? I love macro shots. When I've got a spare thousand dollars, I'm totally going to invest in a macro lens...

Here's a couple of shots of Hobart from Mt. Wellington. In 1804, Colonial Surveyor G.P. Harris wrote to his mother about the new settlement in Hobart, and said that the Derwent Estuary was large enough and deep enough to hold the whole British navy. From up here, you can totally understand it.

This is at the Botanic Gardens in Hobart. I like the bokeh.

Here's the church at Port Arthur.

And here's the hospital.

This is Pirate Bay. I like how clear the coastline turned out in the left-hand foreground.

I took this out the window of the car on the way to Freycinet. I like how the tree turned out clear compared to the blurry foreground.

This is the beach at Coles Bay. I like the spray and the light.

This is Freycinet National Park. It was kind of hazy this day...

Here's Wineglass Bay. Even with an SLR, the photos don't do it justice.

This is Sleepy Bay in Freycinet National Park. The colour of the water was amaaaaaaazing...

Little Gravelly Beach, still in Freycinet.

The texture on the rocks was seriously cool:

Here's a bunch of photos from Cradle Mountain. Doing the walk around Dove Lake was pretty cool. You get to see Cradle Mountain from a ton of different angles!

Here's a lyrebird at Healesville Sanctuary. He found the camera intriguing.

More photos of reptiles, this time at Healesville. This little guy was so sleepy looking.
This photo may not be great, but the little Tassie devil was running circles in his enclosure. He was going so fast that this was the best photo I could get - he only stopped for a split second, and I'm pretty sure if I'd had a standard digital camera, I wouldn't have gotten the shot.

A kangaroo. This may not be a particularly exciting photo, but I like it all the same.

This photo just makes me laugh. This is at the Canberra Zoo and Aquarium. That fish stared at me for the longest time.

This guy was just cool.

These snakes were curled up in a ball. The one on the right sat up and stared at us when we got to their enclosure. It was pretty cool.

There may be snot marks on the glass, but it's not often you can get a photo of a brown bear that's only centimetres away from you! Plus, she's smiling.

More giraffe shots. The ones in Canberra come right up close to the fence because you can pay extra and feed them at certain times.

It may be leaning against a manky looking fence, but this eland had such a sweet face that I really like this photo...

More tree frogs. These ones were far less sleepy.
My all-time favourite zoo animals. I LOVE red pandas. And usually they're sitting in trees sleeping. So I was ridiculously excited when these ones were up and around.

Here's some shots from the Canberra Botanic Gardens at the weekend. As it's all native species, it's not the most exciting botanic gardens I've ever been to, but I still got some fun shots.

Like this one of the bark on a banksia tree:

And this one has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but it's of the Rooster Tree on the Hume Highway between Melbourne and Sydney. It's awesome:

Who knows what adventures my SLR and I will have next???????
K :) xx

PS. After my rant about Photoshop a couple of weeks ago, I feel the need to point out that all of these shots are straight out of the camera. All I've done is a bit of cropping.

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  1. I love the one of the tree on the way to Freycinet.

    And you should apply for the awesome job! You'll never know if you don't try!


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