Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Neglect and the reasons for it

I'm sorry - I've been neglecting my poor little blog recently. But with good reason - I haven't been in Canberra! Always a cause for excitement, it started out with flying to Melbourne, meeting up with Sara, and going to the zoo to see the new baby elephant:

After the trip to the zoo, it was off to the AC/DC concert:
Which was a night of awesomeness. Not quite as awesome as the Green Day concert, mind you. But still pretty damned awesome. And at least now I've gotten to see AC/DC before they stop touring/die!
Then it was on to a day of doing touristy stuff in Melbourne with Sara and Aerlyn, which included Eureka Tower:

Taking sample photos for work:

And one of my favourite places in Melbourne - the La Trobe Reading Room at the State Library of Victoria:

Then after a day of catching up with Cas, it was off to Tasmania for six days. Which is a story for another blog post... But anyway, I've been back from Tassie since Monday night, and have been running around like a crazy person ever since (seriously - we went straight from the airport to the Palace's trivia night!). But it's back to Canberra and normalcy this weekend. So rest assured, the neglect won't last much longer!!

Watch this space for exciting stories from Tasmania about tiger snakes, stupidly low shower heads, and lollies that have melted into bizarre blobs of gelatinous sugar!!

K xx :)

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