Monday, January 4, 2010

Things I learnt while not at work

I was planning on writing a delightful post featuring white chocolate and raspberry brownies or guacamole, as I'd promised. But I thought this would be more entertaining. So enjoy - a list of things I learnt while slacking off for a week and a half:
1. Not having to get up at 6.15am is awesome.
2. There are some seriously ugly fashions around at the moment, and not even the seriously low prices at the Boxing Day sales could persuade me to buy them.
3. You can tell the fashions are ugly when your cousin's boyfriend stares at something, does the "confused dog" head tilt, and says "Um, what IS it?"
4. You can occasionally find worthwhile bargains at the Boxing Day sales. Like an awesome $300 purple cocktail dress for half price.
5. You can't say no to a four year old with freckles.
6. I really really REEEEEEEEEEEALLY want a digital SLR.
7. I suspect the Boxing Day sales will be the prime opportunity to get my hands on a digital SLR. Especially when I have Christmas money courtesy of my grandmothers burning a hole in my pocket.
8. I should probably also buy a copy of "Digital SLRs for Dummies"...
9. If a dog with a cataract in his right eye walks on your left side, prepare to be headbutted in the leg. Repeatedly...
10. Eating your body weight in hummus is a terrible but delicious idea.
11. Being woken up by wood pigeons is far better than being woken up by cockatoos.
12. Sara getting her work permit which will allow her to come and hang out with me for a year is ridiculously exciting!!!!!!
13. Forgetting to open your bedroom window once it starts to cool off outside and having to go to sleep in a 26 degree room is a champion recipe for a really crap night's sleep...
14. Housemates are evil. Especially housemates who leave open boxes of Jelly Belly jellybeans in the cupboard and then go away for three weeks *glares*
15. Freezing reduced fat cheddar cheese when you go to Melbourne for two weeks seems like a wonderful idea at the time. But when you thaw said cheese, it goes crumbly and chalky.
16. I suspect I should throw out said cheddar cheese...
17. I really need work clothes that don't need ironing
18. Attempting to convince Dad that the 6 year old home computer needs replacing has been marginally accomplished courtesy of demonstrating that in the time it takes the home computer to launch Word, my laptop can be turned on, start up, launch Word, and have the document half written...
19. Hanging out with my friend Charlotte, who's an OB-GYN, is awesome. Because you get to hear stories about people who name their children 'Abcde' (pronounced 'Absedee') and 'Shithead' (pronounced 'Shi-thaid').
20. Getting to work on your first day back and finding that your security pass has expired because HR forgot to tell Security that your contract had been extended is incredibly annoying.
21. Going to Security and getting them to fix your security pass only to find that you're still locked out of the building because the changes take half an hour to be applied in the system is indescribably frustrating.
22. The 'Glee' soundtrack is awesome. Shut up. It's a guilty pleasure. No judging allowed.
23. Having to cook for yourself after two weeks of not having to cook kind of sucks.
24. Loose base cake tins seem like a wonderful idea. But they're not. They leak.
25. Crying about the fact that your little brother isn't home for Christmas is kind of embarrassing. Especially when you do it on the phone to him...
26. For the second year in a row, I haven't gotten a single book for Christmas. I find this mildly perplexing...
27. New Year's is the most overrated holiday on the calendar.
28. Even when you don't have to think about colonial history, you end up thinking about colonial history.
29. Going to a personal training session on December 28th after four straight days of eating is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally not a good idea...
30. Visiting work related sites while on holidays can actually be kind of fun. But would have been better if I had a digital SLR... Sigh...

K xx

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