Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Melbourne bound!!

So I'm currently bored out of my mind at Canberra Airport (home to a grand total of one shop, one bar, and one crappy cafe thing) waiting to board a flight to Melbourne. I'll be around until 2 January, so if you're a) in town, b) have some free time, and c) want to catch up, let me know!! Otherwise, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and I'll catch you in 2010. Argh - ten year high school reunion next year. Won't that be fun...

K :) xx

PS. Vastly more exciting posts to follow once the insanity of Christmas is over!! Well, vastly more exciting if you consider raspberry and white chocolate brownies and/or homemade guacamole more exciting... ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A long weekend of Awesomeness in photos

So I was in Melbourne this past weekend. And it was awesome. And considering my text is due at work on Friday, I don't have time to write about it all. So I'll give you the highlights through pictures...

It started out with the work Christmas party on Friday night, which - as predicted - featured slightly bizarre green dresses (I spent half the night hiding behind the camera):

Saturday morning, I flew home to Melbourne. Where I spent the afternoon making a complete mess of Mum's kitchen in preparation for our BBQ that night:
Course, that didn't stop me from paying attention to Domi. Who, for some reason, is bearing a striking resemblance to Rod Stewart in the hair department at the moment:

Anyway, I made delicious chocolate fudge cupcakes decorated with buttercream frosting and bits of candy cane:

Let's get a closer look at that candy cane, shall we?:
Then after making brownies (which I forgot to take a photo of), I moved on to making guacamole. Which featured a very exciting moment - I was able to get the pits out of ALL FOUR AVOCADOS, which I've never been able to do before. In all the excitement (for me at least), the photographic proof turned out slightly blurry. But meh:
Anyway, here's the finished guacamole (detailed post to follow at some point in the future):

Aaaaand here's Paulie testing the guacamole to make sure it's not poisonous:
Then Nessa brought me one of these:
And I jumped up and down with excitement and screamed a little bit. In case I didn't mention it in my Peru emails last year, Sublimes are a completely delicious Peruvian chocolate bar, consisting of milk chocolate and peanuts. They're disturbingly good, and not available outside South America. Nessa has her ways and means, and got hold of a box - yay!!!!!!!!! Thanks Nessa!!! They were delicious. Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom...

Ahem. Where was I? Oh, right. Sunday involved decorating the Christmas tree. I love decorating the Christmas tree, because it means I get to laugh at the small child on the box (who must now be well in his (at least I think it's a he!) 30s), who looks like this:
Who says there's no fun in having a plastic Christmas tree??? ;)

Monday was an action packed day, featuring my first haircut in nine months and a trip to Brewery Land. Monday night was spent at the Green Day concert, which rocked in all possible ways. Here's Nessa and I waiting for the concert to start:
Cam was there too, but obviously we're far more important than him... ;) (Hi Cam!!) Anyway, then it was on with the concert. I'm quite impressed at how well my camera did. Although I had to put my finger over the flash otherwise the pictures were filled with little sparkly bits of dust...

'King for a Day' included the usual props - last time I saw them, it was a crown and cape. This time it was a feather boa and a policeman's hat:

And then there was the usual acoustic finish of Good Riddance:
Best. Concert. Ever.
I mean, the American Idiot tour was pretty damned good, but this was a whole different level of awesomeness. The perfect end to a great weekend.
Shame about having to get up at 5.45 this morning to fly back to Canberra!!!! ;)
K xx

Friday, December 4, 2009

Things I don't understand

So next Friday night is the work Christmas party. And apparently when it comes to my work, there's always a theme involved. This year, the theme is "green museum" - to be interpreted as the attendees see fit. Suggestions on the invitation included dressing as Kermit the Frog or buying an outfit from an op shop. I was planning on interpreting the theme as "wear something somewhere on your person that's green", and was going to cover that with a green hair ribbon. But apparently in museum world, that's insufficient commitment to the theme...

Last weekend, some of the curators decided that all of us need to wear hideous green dresses purchased at op shops - ideally, ugly bridesmaid's dresses of the type sported by Buffy, Willow and Tara at Anya and Xander's wedding in season 6. In case you're not a Buffy fan, they looked like this:

Yep, her face pretty much says it all... *shudder*
Anyway, it seems that the general idea with the Christmas party is to humiliate one's self as much as possible. And not in a Bridget Jones drunken singing type of a way. But in a "wearing the most Godawful outfit you can find" way... Which I really don't understand. But I guess there's not a lot I can do to avoid it.
Anyway, the whole thing has led me to thinking about other things that I don't get. Mostly in terms of fashion, but a couple of other random things as well. So here's a list of things that I can't for the life of me understand the appeal of:
  • Harem pants. Seriously. You look like you've pooped yourself. How is this a good thing??
  • Maxi dresses. Unless you're a complete stick insect (and sometimes even if you are), they make you look pregnant. So shop assistants? Please stop recommending them to me on the basis that I'm tall.
  • Man leggings (also known as meggings). Unless you're a ballet dancer or a professional footballer at training, there is absolutely no reason for men to wear leggings. For that matter, unless you're a ballet dancer or at the gym, there is absolutely no reason for women to wear leggings. Basically, leggings should be reserved for fitness situations only. [Note to self: burn all photos of 10 year old me wearing sky blue leggings with giant pink flowers on them. The horror, the horror]
  • Wedge heels. They're just ugly. It's amazing the number of pairs of shoes I see in shops where I've gone "Ooooh, they're cute! *picks them up to study them closer* Urgh. Wedge heel... *walks away shaking head*"
  • Crocs. They're a crime against nature. They *might* be acceptable if you're doing the gardening or washing the dog. But never EVER in public. I saw a man in the city yesterday wearing a three piece suit and purple Crocs. I nearly died of horror.
  • Short shorts. Unless you're a size 6/8, you have no place wearing these. And even then, they should be limited to summer. I saw a girl last winter who probably weighed a hundred kilos wearing short shorts. Her thighs were blue and strongly resembled cottage cheese. It's just not right...
  • Animal print trousers. Why???? Dear God in Heaven, why????
  • Ugg boots. They might be comfortable. But why the hell do I have to listen to you scuffle around in them like you're wearing paper bags on your feet?
  • Coloured fishnets. Cos nothing says class like a business suit with lavender fishnets. Which I actually did see the other week... *shudder*
  • Ed Hardy anything. Freaking try hards.
  • Sushi. Raw fish and seaweed? Where do I sign up??
  • iPhones. I'm sure they're endlessly entertaining, but I just don't get why you need a device that can make lightsabre noises (with the right application, of course) but takes half an hour to work out how to make a phone call...
  • Yoga/Pilates. I'm sure it works for some people (hi Mum!), but I just feel like the instructors are sitting around planning the classes by going "Hmmm, how stupid can I make them look this week?" Plus, they all seem to have forgotten how frequently humans need to breathe. If I paid attention to how often the instructors told me to breathe, I'd die from lack of oxygen...
  • Edward Cullen. a) he's seventeen and most of those obsessed with him are not. It's creepy. b) he's a total stalker. It's creepy. c) he's a complete misogynist who thinks he knows what's best for the ever annoying whatsherface. It's creepy. d) he's voluntarily chosen to repeat high school for nearly a hundred years. That's SERIOUSLY creepy. e) he glitters in sunlight and drives a Volvo. That's just freaking hilarious...
This is by no means a complete list of things I don't understand (the stock exchange and how to do my tax return to name a couple), but it covers the major points. Course, I shouldn't exactly judge people on their fashion choices, having once sported this delightful outfit:
Oh. Dear. God... (To be fair, it was for a 70s costume party but still...)
;) K xx
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