Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thailand - the short version

Well, I'm back in the 'berra again after two weeks away. Thailand was great fun, and I managed to stay awake while waiting for the plane. I also managed to read the three books I took with me within two days, and then had to move on to all the books that Kat and Ness had taken with them... Anyway, the short version of the trip went a little like this:

Tuesday: Work all day, fly to Melbourne, fly to KL via Jakarta

Wednesday: Fly from KL to Phuket, check into hotel, sit by the pool

Thursday: Go to the beach, do some shopping

Friday: Sit by the pool all day, go to the lady-boy cabaret

Saturday: Elephant trekking, including baby elephant show, monkey demonstration, and a ride in a water buffalo tuk tuk; night on the town

Sunday: Phuket town, sit by the pool

Monday: Phi Phi Island trip

Tuesday: Shopping, Ness and Kat get their feet eaten by fish, Thai cooking class, night on the town

Wednesday: Phang Nga Bay trip, saw numerous Japanese couples in matching head to toe outfits...

Thursday: Fly to KL, kill nine hours, see a bunch of people being deported, fly to Melbourne via Jakarta, with an extra two hours in Jakarta while they fixed the starboard engine...

But if you want the long version, and have a lot of stamina, read on to the next post!!

K xx

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