Sunday, November 29, 2009

Playing with new toys

So I got some new and exciting toys last weekend. Early Christmas presents from the parentals - an incredibly shiny nine piece Mundial knife block set:

This one's my favourite - the 30-odd centimetre long chef's knife:

I also got this - a Microplane zester. It's pretty much the greatest thing ever:

Let's take a closer look at its magical grate-y things, shall we?:

Anyway, I figured this weekend was the perfect time to play with my delightful new toys. And seeing as I had a zester, I figured I'd make an orange cake. To start, you need some softened butter. Unless you're me and you put the butter on top of the dishwasher while it was running, in which case you have some overly softened butter...

Then grab that magic Microplane zester and attack an orange. This was the result of 1 minute of work. Rather than five million minutes of work if I'd used a normal grater:

Then chuck the zest in with the too soft butter:

Then add some caster sugar:

A couple of eggs:

Some self-raising flour:

And some milk:

Then get out your trusty electric mixer, and go for it:

Then spread it into a greased and lined pan:

Mmm, zesty!!

And bake it for 40 minutes:

Once the cake's cooled, it's time to make a nice glaze. Attack it with that delightful, shiny chef's knife, just cos you can:

And juice it. Check out that nekkid orange!!

Then mix the juice with some icing sugar to make a nice glaze:

And put said glaze on the cake:

Check out the little orange segments in the glaze!! They have a technical name, but I can't be bothered finding out what it is...
Once the glaze has set, you can cut that baby!!

Check out the little chunks of rind in the cake:

Mmmmmmmm, deliciousness. Now to go off and ponder what to zest next!!!!! ;)
K xx

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