Thursday, November 12, 2009

An ode to trams

So I have this theory. It goes like this: "There is nothing wrong with Canberra that trams wouldn't fix." Okay, so perhaps it should be amended to "There's nothing wrong with Canberra that trams, regular AFL matches, less rugby and warmer winters wouldn't fix", but that's not my point. Today I'm all about the trams.

I love trams. I think it's because all the other major cities in Australia got rid of them and are now regretting it. Melbournians love to feel superior (seriously. We judge people based on what newspaper they read). That and the constant background hum of the electrics. And the bell that the drivers use to tell off cars when they don't give way. And the smug feeling you get on Victoria Parade when you see the traffic jams and you're on a tram speeding down the median strip. And the rattling noise that you get when they speed up going down hills. And the way they confuse tourists by creating the need for hook turns *sigh*.

All Canberra has is buses. Buses are far less fun than trams. For starters, they belch black smoke into the atmosphere (okay, so trams are powered by electricity, which in Victoria comes from brown coal. Again, not the point). And they're constantly stuck in traffic jams. And occasionally the drivers alter the routes slightly to keep themselves amused (seriously - I've been on a bus up here where the driver reversed 200m up the street because he missed the turn... Surely turning around or doing a blockie would have made more sense??). Basically, buses are far less fun than trams.

My theory about Canberra and trams was developed when I realised that a) Canberra's only form of public transport is buses, and b) all the major streets are ridiculously wide and have median strips wide enough for trams. Plus, Canberra people always look at me funny when I'm able to walk down the aisle of a moving bus carrying two massive bags of groceries without the need to hold on to the poles. See? Catching trams teaches you important life skills!!!

So I guess what I'm saying is this: I miss trams. I get excited when I see them on the news (I know, how sad is that??). So ACT Legislative Assembly, if you could bring trams to Canberra, I'd be eternally grateful. Please??????

K xx


  1. The weirdest thing happened to me in Auckland shortly after I moved here...

    I was coming home from getting groceries, and I heard the *ding ding* with which we are all so familiar. So, as is my habit, I looked in my wing mirror and prepared to pull to the left.

    But of course, I am in Auckland, and seeing the number 67 to Carnegie was quite unexpected. As I now know, there is a transport museum which runs a short section of tram track along this road.

    Very surreal at the time!

  2. That's awesome on so many levels. At least you know if you get homesick for trams, you can visit the transport museum!!!


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