Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Tale of Two Mannequins

There's a temporary display up in the Main Hall at work at the moment about Australians in the Himalayas. It basically consists of a whole lot of camping equipment, some ice picks and crampons, a mannequin wearing a trekking jumpsuit thing, and a couple of text panels. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, the mannequin suddenly disappeared over the weekend. We didn't think much of it, seeing as how we were on our way to get our morning caffeine fix and our brains weren't properly functioning yet, but that all changed in our team meeting in the afternoon.

"Some of you may have noticed that the mannequin in the Hall has disappeared," our section head said. "That's because there was an incident at the weekend." The incident was this: a text panel had fallen off the wall (or at least I *think* it was a text panel. It might have been an object label on a stand... Either way, the outcome is the same). This had fallen in such a way that it knocked the mannequin over. And the mannequin met an unfortunate Trotsky-esque end - he landed on an ice pick and was impaled. What I wouldn't pay to see the security footage of THAT...

The ice pick came off unscathed - apparently they're tough enough to impale mannequins regularly without suffering any ill effects - but the mannequin didn't reappear. It would seem he's gone to that great department store in the sky, along with all the poor unfortunates who feature regularly on Mythbusters. But this week, they finally managed to track down a replacement mannequin.

Well, the replacement is seriously creepy. The last one at least looked human. This one? Well, this one appears to be some kind of foam based mannequin. His sole facial feature is a nose, and to compensate, they've pulled the hood of the jumpsuit as tight as it can go. I suspect he's actually a bunch of separate parts, because his hands look like they've been severed and then stuffed up the sleeves as an afterthought. And he has a serious hunchback thing going on. I'm wondering whether the good folks out at Registration and Conservation have wrapped him in bubble wrap before dressing him in the suit. Oh, and worst of all - his head is a really weird shape. It's oval shaped, but the long side of the oval is horizontal rather than vertical, so his head is really wiiiiiiiiiiiiide... The overall effect is disturbing. I suspect the display should be renamed "Quasimodo goes mountain climbing"... Hmm - I wonder if Sam and Dean Winchester can take care of the creepy mannequin when they swing by to take care of the ghost on the mezzanine??? ;)

K xx

PS. I'm not serious about the Sam and Dean thing (well...maybe a little...), but yes, the Museum is haunted. Apparently...

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